How to Get Rid of Seasonal Allergy

Medical Tips: Getting Rid of Seasonal Allergy

During a certain time of the year, a lot of people are suddenly having itchy and runny nose and eyes, or they might have sneeze and cough. These people are suffering from seasonal allergies which are caused by different triggers. Seasonal allergies are mainly caused by the thriving of tree, grass, and ragweed pollens, growing molds during summer, burning bush, and tumbleweed. Having he seasonal allergy can be really frustrating since it may take a while before pollination ends. But, there are simple and easy ways to get rid of it.

There are many ways how to treat seasonal allergies naturally. If you got the allergy, it is best to see a doctor immediately and take antihistamine to help alleviate your runny nose and sneezing. From August to November, pollens can be found anywhere. So, it is essential that you clean your home to eliminate scattered pollens. Clean every corner and furniture especially the fabric-covered pillows, bed, and sofa, and carpets where allergens such as pollens and dust can gather. Prevent allergens from spreading inside your home by keeping the windows and doors closed during the time of pollination. Also, brush and clean up moist or damp areas where molds can be found. Adjusting your home’s thermostat can also help in preventing unwanted molds and insects from breeding in your home. Always check the humidity of the house, or use a dehumidifier to make things easier. When you need to go out for work or school, you can wear face mask to prevent inhalation of allergens.

Another way of preventing or getting rid of seasonal allergy is to eat proper and healthy food. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, tea, and other antioxidant food are able to prevent any inflammation in the body. This helps control your allergy from worsening. Avoid eating food that are processed or those that have high sugar content. One natural antihistamine is the chamomile. Drinking tea once a day can help in preventing and reducing inflammation. Other ways to reduce inflammation is taking multivitamins and beverages that are probiotics alongside antihistamines. Aside from eating the right food, it is also essential that you stay clean. Keep your body clean by washing them thoroughly, especially your hair where allergens can get stuck. Also, change your clothes if you went outdoors.

When you are suffering from the seasonal allergies, just relax and do not stress yourself out. Thinking too much of the allergy will not make things better. It will, in fact, only make the symptoms worse. In line with this, getting the right amount of sleep is essential. Lack of sleep helps in increasing the inflammation in your body. So, better get a good and deep sleep of at least eight hours. Also try exercising at least twice a week to improve the regulation of your body.

Living a healthy lifestyle is the key to saving yourself from suffering from seasonal allergies. Visit and consult your doctor to learn more tips and information about proper medication and natural remedies to seasonal allergies.