6 Best Tennis Balls for Beginners to Professional Players

Clay tennis court

Gaining popularity over the years, tennis is widely played by adults and teens. Not only played during leisure time, but also taken as an active sport to reduce body fat. This is true for some of the casual players as they play tennis to have a healthy physical body. But it is entirely different for professional tennis players. Making sure they gain a competitive edge, they go to great lengths to have the best tennis racquet. However, a true tennis player doesn’t only focus on the tennis racquet. Other pieces of sporting equipment should be taken into consideration, deeply understanding its effect to the game.

With that, one should wisely choose from a variety of tennis balls. Each of the balls available in the market differs from price, types, durability, and quality. However, selecting a ball boils down to its sustainability and performance. Because it is inevitable that the wrong ball can seriously become a disadvantage on one’s part. And learning a thing or two about tennis balls can dramatically shift the game in your favor. One doesn’t want to have a ball that goes straight flat to the floor when hit by a racquet.

And that’s what this article is all about, your guide to the best tennis balls that every professional and beginner should know. But before we go over the list, let us identify first the types of tennis balls to help us decide more efficiently.

What should you choose: pressurized or pressureless balls?

Pressurized balls are the ideal in the United States, these are stiffer and tend to bounce more making tennis players to choose it. However, here is the catch, their life is shorter compared to the pressureless balls, so one would have to regularly buy balls, depending on the frequency of use. This is because the decay process will start as early as they are taken out of their cans. Thus, if you wanted to have the best quality balls and doesn’t mind them often, then pressurized balls are for you.

On the other hand, pressureless or non-pressurized balls are widely used in the Europe. Unlike the pressurized balls, they can be used longer as it doesn’t wear out that easily. And due to this, the gaming experience will be the same for long periods of time. Casual players prefer to use pressureless balls as they don’t need to replace it frequently.

Best tennis balls for beginners or casual players

If you are still a beginner or you want your kids to try out tennis, then the following are the best pick. These are special tennis balls that are designed for slower pace, ideal for training

Wilson Starter Play Green Ball

Wilson is a renowned tennis ball maker. While working on professional tennis balls, they also have a wide range of beginner balls – the green balls. These are good for beginners as they have a lower bounce rate, enabling the player to learn efficiently.

Gamma Sports

These are ideal for kids, they are much lighter compared to normal balls. This is due to their main component – foam balls. These are used instead of the regular rubber ones. The good thing about this is they are relatively larger, giving more changes for the player to hit  it, and is lighter.

Best tennis balls for intermediate players

Dunlop Lower Tier

Known as  a top manufacturer when it comes to tennis balls, one can never go wrong with Dunlop. These range of low tier balls – Dunlop Pro, Dunlop Championship, and Dunlop Abzorber – are cheaper versions of their flagship products. Ideal for intermediate players, they wouldn’t notice the wear and tear while using this one.

Penn Lower Tier

Penn Championship and Penn Titanium balls are widely used by intermediate players since they are approved for almost all major tournaments in the lower tier competition. Penn Championship is desired by amateur players while the Titanium version is perfect for hard surfaces.

Best tennis balls for professional players

Babolat VS tennis balls

Making its way to establishing a name in the field of tennis, the Babolat brand is known for their high quality tennis racquets, however, they are also releasing their high grade tennis balls. The Babolat VS can be heavier at first try, but is extremely durable, making it the great investment for professional players.

Penn ATP

Known as the best pressurized balls in the market, the Penn ATP are the best choice for professionals as you get the real value of money, especially for hard hitters. The fly at faster speeds, but at the same time, easy to observe. This is due to the Smart Optik felt incorporated in it. Thus, making it a popular ball among US championships.

Can a simple ball help you win the game?

Definitely! Pairing the best tennis ball along with the best tennis racquet is a perfect combination. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or professional player, there are balls specially made for you. If you’d like to learn even more, check out tennisracquetcentral.com/best-tennis-balls/ This list comprises the best tennis balls according to skills. Thus, with the right kind of ball, you can excel in tennis and win in a variety of tournaments.